Ready To End The Circus Of Toxic Relationships 
But Can't Seem To Escape The Revolving Door Of
 Rejection, Confusion And Disappointment?

Is It Time To Take A Break 
So That You Can Heal?"
The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship is a transformative, 6-week experience designed to support your healing journey away from toxic relationships and destructive dating patterns, so that you can cultivate amazing relationships.

If you always find yourself in the revolving door 
of rejection, chaos and disappointment...

 Is It Time To Take A Break  So That You Can Heal?" 

The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship is a transformative, 6-week experience designed to 
 support your time away from toxic relationships and destructive dating patterns, 
so that you can become the best version of yourself.
Start date: 
May, 17, 2023
End date: June 21, 2023
@ 8pm EST 
Payment plan available
++++ add (2) 1:1 coaching calls 

Listen, I want you to know that no matter how many toxic relationships you’ve found yourself in, you can heal, recover and begin thriving again.

And I know it’s not easy going from relationship to relationship only to find yourself in the same situation you were in before. 

In fact, experiencing toxic relationships is a trauma many of us have had to work through, and taking space to heal can change your relationships.

But before that can happen, the relationship with yourself has to change.

To begin with...

You have to believe you’re worthy of all the love, support and understanding you need, but it's not that easy. 

You won't just magically love yourself and then live happily ever after.

It requires a process of healing the stuff holding you back from valuing yourself enough to leave toxic relationships behind.

This looks like:

...working to deepen the commitment and loyalty to yourself because you need solitude to get back to the space where your intuition guides who you allow into your life.

...reconnecting with the things you love and care about – hobbies, friends, passion projects etc

...taking the time to pull back, focus within and rebuild your self-worth outside of another person.

Know this though ... this work is not easy. 
But it’s necessary if you’re going to reclaim your power and shift from victim to vixen. 

Now ... the scariest thing about toxic relationships isn’t that they happen; 
it’s that for the majority of people ... they, accept it, hoping one day things will magically change.
They are covertly abused and stay.

They feel the anxiety producing uncertainty and volatility, yet still stay.

They feel hopeless and stay because they're not sure of what lies on the other side.


Well, because they’re afraid to be alone 
they don’t feel worthy of anything better.

Yes, it is sad, but it’s also true. 

And it’s one of the key reasons I created 
The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship!

Ready to meet the best version of yourself and think, 
"dang, I would totally date me?"

  The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship is designed to help you navigate the break after heartbreak as you take the time away from dating, sex, care-taking, auditioning, performing and perusing dating apps. 

 This mentorship creates space for anyone recently out of a relationship 
and/or wants to take time off from one to heal after relational trauma.

It is also for anyone who wishes to take the time to address certain patterns 
within themselves in order to become a better partner or to decide whether
 they should continue on in their relationship.

You'll learn how to:

Focus within so that you can get back to a healthy baseline with yourself around your 
boundaries, core values and deal breakers

Attend to the feelings, emotional wounds and traumas you've
 been avoiding in your relationships

Rebuild your self-worth outside of another person

Sharpen your intuition and commit to yourself so you can get back 
to a space where your intuition guides who you let into your life

Reconnect and give yourself a safe space to create the life you love 
with hobbies, friends and passion projects.

You also receive weekly access to a psychotherapist specializing in
healing after relational trauma and toxic relationships as your personal guide.

(This is offered in a group setting and is not one-on-one psychotherapy.)

Meet the Founder of Loving Me After We

And in case this is our first time meeting, let me introduce myself. 

I’m Ginger Dean, a psychotherapist and founder of Loving Me After We!

My mission is to help women overcome heartbreak by increasing their self-love and confidence after a toxic relationship, all so they can become the best version of themselves. 

To do this, they must heal their hearts and become aware of the
roadblocks stopping them from enjoying healthy relationships with themselves and others.

As part of my work, I teach women to stop over-giving, over-functioning and people-pleasing, just so they can secure love, attention and affection from men.

Instead, I teach them to stop ignoring the obvious and not-so-obvious red flags in a relationship. And I teach them to stop choosing emotionally unavailable partners.

Now, all of what I teach and believe is a part of 
The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship
Program. Specifically, we work through and focus on:

As part of my work, I teach women: 

❌ How unresolved emotional wounds and trauma affect current relationships... all relationships, not just romantic ones
❌ The best ways to sharpen your intuition and reconnect with the inner wisdom you already have, as it pertains to relationships
❌ How to identify and navigate difficult relationships
❌ How to reclaim your power and shift from victim to vixen
❌ The best ways to create healthy boundaries, standards, core values and deal-breakers ... and how to live by them

And The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship Program falls right in line with this as I give women the tools they need to heal their hearts so that they can become the best version of themselves.

When you join The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship Program, you get weekly access 
to a psychotherapist specializing in healing after relational trauma and toxic relationships As Your Personal Guide. 

(This is offered in the group setting and is not one-on-one psychotherapy.)

And you get the benefit of having others in similar situations,
offering you their love, support and understanding as you work to heal.

Are you ready to heal so that you can create healthier boundaries, values you love
and deal-breakers you'll want to uphold in your everyday life?

Here's Everything Included: 


May 17-June 21 2023:  Experience live workshops with hot seat coaching that offers personalized support and feedback to help you navigate your unique healing journey (by the way, this interactive format allows you to dive deep into your specific challenges and gain insights from other participants' experiences).

★Navigating Fear, and Using Intuition as Your Guide
★Calm in Chaos: Self-Soothing Strategies for Emotional Triggers 
★Rebuilding Self-Trust, Overcoming Self-Sabotage, and Cultivating Self-Love
★Unpacking Your Attachment Style To Create Safe and Secure Sexual Connections
★The Art of Self-Forgiveness: Letting Go of Guilt and Shame to Build Resilience and Self-Love


Unlock your potential for growth with a workbook packed with journal prompts and a guided healing path (by the way, these resources offer a structured and self-paced approach to exploring your emotions, patterns, and personal development).


This is personalized tool designed to help you uncover your unique trauma patterns and coping mechanisms. This insightful quiz  identifies the specific areas in which you may be struggling.  Upon completion, you'll receive a customized healing path tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.


Access powerful Meditations and Visualizations designed to rewire your thought patterns and guide you towards a healthier, more fulfilling love life (by the way, these practices will help you cultivate inner peace, self-awareness, and emotional resilience).


 ★The Heart Sabbatical Masterclass
 ★Inner Child Somatic Work Masterclass
 ★Boundaries After A Breakup Masterclass
 ★Heart sabbatical success path, workbook and 90 day plan
 ★The Ultimate Guide To A Successful Heart Sabbatical eBook + workbook 
 ★Starting Fresh: A Step-by Step Guide to Conscious Dating After A Heart Sabbatical 

Dr. Justine Grosso: Calm in Chaos: Self-Soothing Strategies for Emotional Triggers ($1500 VALUE)

Led by Dr. Justine Grosso, this class will help you develop greater awareness of your triggers and teach you how to use mindfulness, breathwork, and other self-soothing techniques to calm your nervous system and regain a sense of balance and ease. 

Dr. Jacqueline Sherman: Unpacking Your Attachment Style To Create Safe and Secure Sexual Connections ($1500 VALUE)

Led by Dr Jaqueline Sherman, this class will explore the different attachment styles and how they can play out in the bedroom. You will learn practical tools to help you identify your own attachment style and develop healthier patterns of communication and intimacy. 




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» WEEK 6:

One payment of $497

**Payment plans available


* Access on all your devices from anywhere in the world, even on mobile 

* No commitments, 
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* Access on all your devices 
from anywhere in the world, 
even on mobile 
*Relationship status 
doesn't matter





PROGRAM LED BY psychotherapist specializing in healing trauma 
after toxic relationships


Who is The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship meant for?
The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship program is for anyone facing a tough breakup, shifting between the serenity of solitude and the pain of loneliness or experiencing a dark night of the soul...

Tough breakup: If you've had a bad breakup and can't handle your feelings, this program gives you support and guidance to heal and move on.

Dark night of the soul: When you're experiencing a dark night of the soul and are in desperate need of direction, this program can offer insights and techniques to help you navigate this challenging phase and emerge stronger.

Love-hate relationship with hermit mode after a breakup: If you've wanted to connect and explore new relationships yet enjoying the peace of solitude the Heart Sabbatical Mentorship validates these feelings. while giving. you the tools to move forward with your healing journey when you're ready

Healing old hurts: For those who've had tough experiences in the past and need help healing, the Heart Sabbatical Mentorship teaches ways to rebuild self-trust, create a healthier, more loving relationship with yourself, which also sets the stage for healthy relationships with others.

By joining the Heart Sabbatical Mentorship program, you'll be better prepared to face these challenges and grow personally, leading to a happier and more emotionally balanced life.

How is The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship different from other programs?
The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship focuses on healing after a toxic relationship or for those who may need guidance and support as they figure out the next steps in their relationship. We are not focused on you finding a soulmate, giving you dating tips, tricks and gimmicks. Our sole goal is to help you heal after relational trauma so that you can become the best version of yourself.

How long is The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship?
The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship will last for 6 weeks.

I don’t use Facebook, will this work for me?
Yes! The content, workshops and meetings exist outside of Facebook. 
While we want the entire community to support each other on Facebook, it is not a requirement.

I already bought The Inner Circle. How is this different?
The Inner Circle Membership is a self-study, self-paced program that provides access to a library of exclusive masterclasses, resources, and monthly live events. You can explore these resources at your own pace, and connect with like-minded women seeking personal growth.

The Heart Sabbatical Mentorship, on the other hand, is a structured six-week program that provides a live experience for those seeking a more intensive approach to personal growth and healing. With weekly live coaching calls and support, you can work through the program at a steady pace with a supportive community, and implement the insights and strategies in a meaningful way.

To put it in simpler terms, the Inner Circle Membership is like having access to a library of books and resources that you can explore on your own, while the Heart Sabbatical Mentorship is like being part of an intensive book club that meets weekly over six weeks to explore the content in-depth and implement the information in your daily life.

Ultimately, both programs offer valuable tools and resources for your healing journey, but the Heart Sabbatical Mentorship provides a more structured and intensive live program with live ongoing support and guidance. 

You will have a free month inside the Inner Circle to continue your healing journey after the Heart Sabbatical Mentorship ends.

Here's a few of our testimonials...

Hi Ginger, I want to share since joining the Inner, I catch myself asking what's the thought/feeling in between x & x. I receive so much clarity from this, & respond instead or react. You often asked others this in the live calls I've replayed. Hope you understand what I mean, haha.

I'm honestly in tears of joy in finally understanding myself more deeply with this course Thank u!!! 
Just things click and I'm getting a lot of clarity for everything. I know now why if feels to be empowered and love myself and what I see here and in the program shows me how freaking far I've come! And areas I can keep loving and accepting myself more. And I can finally feel feelings lol

I am 3 mins in to the first video on obsessive thoughts. WOW I feel so seen and understood and not so alone because obviously enough people feel this way for there to be a master class. I was starting to get really dark but this makes me feel like there is hope and that I'm not crazy!! Thank you!!!!!

... super impressed by the high quality of your content. Its insightful and super actionable, and gives me so much comfort. I'm sure you hear this a lot but your work really makes me feel seen. Keep doing what you're doing - it's such good, healing work! Thank you a million!

I recently joined your inner circle membership and am super impressed by the high quality of your content. Its insightful and super actionable, and gives me so much comfort. I'm sure you hear this a lot but your work really makes me feel seen. Keep doing what you're doing - it's such good, healing work! Thank you a million!

She puts her all into everyone of her clients. I love that she walks with you on your journey, she won't abandon you or your process. Step up and commit to yourself and walk how her magic allows you to fully embody yours! I'm gushing but I love this woman so much!

Like a midwife you were there and you get it! You really do get it! With your help, I birthed this new woman looking at me every morning and I love her so much! It brings tears to my eyes just saying that but it's true.

Here's what The New Way Means for your healing Journey: 

Every person who has experienced relational trauma or toxic relationships
 needs one thing and one thing only - a healing process that creates lasting transformation.

...But healing often requires guidance and support.
Getting that guidance and support can also be expensive and emotionally draining...

...That’s why we developed the Heart Sabbatical Mentorship 
to create a safe space, setting the foundation for emotional healing, 
personal growth and transformation...even after our time together.

The old way simply doesn't work.





This Program is not a substitute for psychotherapy, doesn't not constitute a provider patient relationship and it is not for 
diagnosing any underlying conditions. We cannot promise or guarantee any results as each participant is solely responsible for any personal and professional growth.