The Heartbreak Cure

The Heartbreak Cure

Heal your heart, end the cycle of rejection and abandonment 
so that you can so that you can create healthy love without spending years in psychotherapy
Heal your heart, end the cycle of rejection and abandonment 
so that you can so that you can create healthy love without spending years in psychotherapy

Let me know if you relate to any of this:

  • More than once, you've gotten involved with someone who is unable to commit, rejects and/or abandons you 
  • You are overwhelmed with loneliness when you are not in love or in a relationship 
  • Fantasize and obsess about someone emotionally unavailable to you 
  • ​You chase after people who have rejected you and try desperately to change their minds
  • ​You have a high tolerance for pain in relationships, willing to suffer neglect, depression, loneliness, dishonesty—even abuse—to avoid the pain of a breakup
  • You're still stalking your ex because you can't figure out how to move on from the relationship

But You’ve Heard 
It All Before…

You've read the relationship self-help books, shared the sappy girl power 
Instagram quotes, 
cried hot tears with your girlfriends after a break-up and even 
followed the advice of a few dating coaches only to end up in the same “situationship” time and time again.

That rotation  you’ve been nursing?
They bore you and they only leave you more broken and hurt than the last one.  

While you slay dragons at work, your heart’s been sliced and diced more times than Michael Jackson’s nose.

You feel stuck because you don’t know how to jump off this heart sucking murderous merry go-round 
because you don’t want to be alone.

Because being alone means facing
fears of abandonment, memories of failed relationships, feeling unwanted and undesirable 
leaving you anxious about whether or not you’re good enough
whether you’ll ever find the one 

So you start all over again with a new recruit but the same results

But what if you...​
took the time to 
actually heal 
so that you can...

But what if you...​took the time to 
actually heal so that you can...

  • Heal old wounds that keep you in the same painful relationships
  • Rebuild your self-worth outside of another person
  • Discover why you get attached quickly and lose yourself in relationships
  • Create healthy boundaries, standards and core values in your relationships
  • Pin point early signs of covert emotional abuse not so obvious red flags in relationships

Relatable? If so, 
The Heartbreak Cure 
was created just for you


This is the only program that you will ever need To 
Heal Your Heart After A Breakup

This Is The Only Program That You Will Ever Need To Heal Your Heart After A Breakup

The Heartbreak Cure is a deep dive self-study program taught by Ginger Dean, licensed psychotherapist and founder of Loving Me After We.

This program was intentionally designed to give you the exact tools you need to decompress after your last heartbreak giving you the principles, healing practice and support you need to heal.  Instead of giving you more overwhelming, useless filler content designed to keep you occupied, Ginger helps you understand what happened, why it happened and the practical tools that push you towards your eventual rebirth.

Each module is pre-recorded and accessed via an online portal.  Upon purchase, you will have access to all of the content in addition to the implementation workbook, meditations, e-book, planner and more!  This is your time to decompress, reconnect and heal so there's no Facebook group to "keep up" with and no scheduled classes.  This is your time and you get to decide when you'll dive in.

You're already overwhelmed and this is the time to take a step back so that you can refocus on your heart and healing path.

You Get All Of This:

Heart Sabbatical Masterclass
($297 Value)

Breaking Premature Attachment Masterclass
($297 Value)

Healing After Covert Abuse Masterclass
($297 Value)

($19 Value) Self-Soothing Checklist
($49 Value) Heart Sabbatical Success Path And 90 Day Planner
($97 Value)​ The Ultimate Guide To A Successful Heart Sabbatical eBook + Workbook 
($297 Value) BONUS: Boundaries After A Breakup Masterclass
($297 Value) BONUS: The Inner Child Somatic Work Masterclass
($444 Value) BONUS: 12 month subscription to The Inner Circle
But that’s NOT your price!
The Heartbreak Cure is ONLY $149

Hey There! I'm Ginger Dean, Psychotherapist and Founder of loving me after we.

I've been the girl who craved attention and affection even if it meant betraying myself.  Self-love was my enemy and relationships were my battlefields.  But in order to truly heal I had to embrace healing my heart vs. choosing to remain hurt, stuck and confused.  

I took time away from dating and learned to love and trust myself, crush my relationship fears and now revel in the experience of becoming the best version of myself.

And I want to help you do the same by learning how to stop:
  • ​Over-giving, over-functioning and people pleasing in order to secure love, attention and affection 
  • Ignoring the obvious and not so obvious red-flags in a relationship
  • Choosing emotionally unavailable partners
  • ​Trying to turn your "friends with benefits" into a forever relationship
  • Overlapping relationships - getting under one partner to get over the last on
And The Heartbreak Cure falls right in line with this as I give women the tools they need to heal their hearts so that they can become the best version of themselves.

It Shouldn’t Be “Us VS Them”

The taxman shouldn’t get away with having two sets of tax rules, one for business owners and one set for employees.

The credit bureau shouldn’t be marking you down for contracts and credit loans that you didn’t sign into. 

The education systems shouldn’t keep business law and lessons that teach us how to properly structure our business and protect our assets from us.

Which is why I’m offering you the chance to learn from my mistakes and make sure that from this day forward, you’re 110% in charge of your own finances, future and assets.

This isn't for you if you're looking for overnight magic, quick fixes along with manipulative dating tricks. 
Because if we're honest, that's how some of us landed here. 

This isn't is for the woman who wants to play love games that kept her distracted from the pain 
growing in her heart with each breakup.  

This isn't for you if you blame everyone else for your relationship problems.

This is for you if 
you're ready to:

  • Stop the painful cycle of obsessive thoughts where you fantasize about your ex and/or potential partners
  • Address the triggers and unhealed wounds that secretly torpedo your relationships
  • ​Feel empowered to take action on red flags like bread crumbing, ghosting and disrespectful behavior
  • ​Learn how to create safety in your body, especially when feeling triggered
  • ​​Get clarity on the dysfunction in your current relationships, why you choose them so that you can choose healthy partners. 
  • ​Create the space you need to heal so that you can feel grounded, magnetic and empowered in your relationships

What Others Are Saying

the entire bundle is
 worth $497. 

All Three Books Together Are Worth $100.

You’re getting ALL 3 for a fraction of the price when you checkout today. Just think about all of the money that you’re literally pouring down the drain month after month, year after year. That, mixed with the fact that no one ever taught you how to: 
  • Manage your finances
  • Position yourself for success
  • Leverage your credit to work to your advantage
...Means that the mere $27 you’ll be paying today is NOTHING compared to the amount of money you could be saving. 

The amount of money you WILL be saving. With the “IRS’s Best Kept Secret” eBook trilogy under your belt, you’ll be armed with everything I used to build a 6-figure lifestyle for myself. This shouldn't be a decision that you have to think long and hard about. 

Understanding how to leverage your credit, taxes and LLC status is a life-long skill that everyone should know, and that everyone should be able to pass down to future generations to come. 

The IRS might not be willing to share this with you… But I am. And you’re going to have the power to share them with your kids, your grandkids, and so on and so forth. 

YOU will be the reason that they can build profitable businesses, leverage tax-saving tactics, supercharge their credit status and fund their life mission using the bank’s money. 

No one else, just you. 

But Only If You Checkout Before It’s Too Late!

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